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How much does wedding music cost?
We have a wide range of options to fit almost any budget. The length of your event, number of musicians, location, and season all influence cost. Providing this detailed information allows us give you a cost-effective and accurate quote.
Can you provide music for an outdoor event?
Most ensembles can perform outside under certain limitations. If needed, a representative will outline these limitations and their remedies with you before you reserve your date. Most outdoor events can be accomodated.
Is there a fee for travel?
All rates include travel, transport, and tax.
What are examples of outdoor limitations?
Temperatures below 65F or above 85F, inclement weather, or direct sunlight to stringed instruments require special arrangements to safeguard the musicians and their instruments. Such precautions also assure you enjoy the best performance possible.
Should I expect any additional charges?
Your quoted rate is comprehensive and locks in when you reserve your date. In the event you later require more music than originally planned prices may increase.
How long does ceremony music typically last?
Our ceremony musicians begin the prelude one half-hour before your processional and play a postlude after the ceremony ends. Music during the ceremony is also included if called for, as in the lighting of a unity candle or during a sand ceremony.
How often will the musicians take breaks?
For performances longer than one hour, each set lasts between forty-five and sixty minutes with a ten or fifteen minute break in between. Break music can be arranged to play during that time by request.
What styles of deejays do you offer?
Our deejays can emcee in many styles depending on your taste and the timing of the evening. You can request their presentation be very discreet, more animated, or anything in between. All are experienced at working with live music for seamless transitioning into the recorded-music part of an event.
What will they wear?
Ceremony musicians usually wear all black or a tuxedo. Other events vary from tuxedo, suit and tie, to casual attire depending on your preference. We aim to dress for the atmosphere you would like the performance to create.
What is included in the standard deejay package?
All recorded-music packages include face-to-face consultations with your emcee prior to your event. You can specify the styles of music you would like to hear as well as what you do not want to have played. The minimum level of equipment includes two satellite speakers (550W each) and a sub-woofer (1500W), one tripod with four cans, and four LED lights. Additional equipment and lighting can be added in larger packages.
Am I expected to provide a meal for the musicians or deejay at my event?
When an event falls during a lunch or dinner hour, many clients elect to provide the entertainment staff with a meal in a convenient location at an appropriate time, usually during a music break. This is a much appreciated courtesy but not obligatory.
Does there have to be a piano on site for a performance involving piano?
If a client orders an ensemble that includes piano and there is not already a piano at the event site, our musicians can bring their own instrument. Portable pianos use digitally-sampled sound from baby grand pianos and are nearly identical in tone. We can offer this elegant option almost anywhere electricity is available.
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